Fake Doctors Note: How to Avoid the 7 Most Common Mistakes

a doctors note that is fakeOccasionally you may find yourself with any obligation that you simply do not want to attend. This may be something like a school day, a day at work, or simply because you are not prepared for a presentation. You may also simply want to take a day off because you are feeling tired or a little bit sick. Most places will require you to give a note in order to excuse your absence. However, you may not want to pay a lot of money to see a doctor in order to get a simple note. This is especially important if you don’t need to see one, but simply need to rest in bed.  The best ways to do this is by turning in a fake doctors note. A physicians note is a difficult thing to do, and there are seven things that most people fail to do when making up  fake doctors notes.

Use a fake doctors note template

The most common mistake people make is failing to use a template for a physicians note. A template can allow persons to know what a general medical note looks like, and what information they should put on it. It also helps one to format it to look real. Simply having the note look official will go a long ways towards making it look good.

Use a real doctors name

The second mistake persons make is failing to use a real doctors name. If a person wants to know if the note is real they will check to see if the doctor is real. After that they will generally not look into the rest of the matter. It is important to remember that a doctor cannot tell anyone if you are their patient, and so a person cannot know if you actually did lie about visiting them.


Do not put a request to call the doctor on the note

A lot of persons go a little bit too far, and entice persons to call the doctor. However, it is important to remember that a real doctor does not want random school teachers to call them to hear about if someone did in fact have a stomach ache.

Don’t put your condition on the fake doctors notes

It is still important to remember that a doctor cannot tell other people about your health, or anything really about you. This is why it is important to avoid language that tells persons that you had something like a stomach ache or a fever. Simply write on the note that you were visiting the doctor that day.

Write in variable information by hand

It is important to remember that most generic doctors notes are general form that a doctor or receptionist quickly fills out. This is almost always done by hand, and so should you when you are filling out your fake doctors notes. It is even a good idea to do all of the information in one pen color, and then the signature in a second color. This will make it look like a receptionist filled out the date, time, and location information on the form. The second color will look like the doctor simply signed the form while speaking with you. Check out this page to learn more.

Have someone else write in the information

Finally, you need to make sure that the fake doctors notes are not in your handwriting. Ask a friend to fill in the information for you. It is also very a good idea to have one person fill in all of the information, and then have a second person sign the form.

By keeping these items in mind, you will be able to avoid the most common mistakes when filling out a fake doctors note.  If you want to get access to the best fake doctors notes, go to bestfakedoctorsnotes.net.

To learn more, check out our doctors note template page and our doctors excuse page.

149 thoughts on “Fake Doctors Note: How to Avoid the 7 Most Common Mistakes

    1. Norma

      I need doctors note for car accident 5/6/2015 for whiplash, severe neck and upper back pain.

      Return to work is TBD

  1. jasmine vega

    Jasmine Vega was seen earlier today for her implant pain . She is not allowed to do heavy duty for 2days

  2. John

    Need note for time off to keep my sanity
    No I do not get paid for time off just need some Time OFF.

  3. Kearra

    Need doctors note left work because my grandpa was in “hospital” the date is 06-05-15. His name is Charles Johnson. & I told them he was at Mother Francis Hospital

  4. Christina

    I need a Dr’s note for June 27th. Stated I am scheduled for a lumbar puncture on the 27th and can not return to work after but am able to return on the 28th. To run tests on my spinal pressure.

  5. nicole sanchez

    I need a doctors note for june 23 2015 from work my boss never asks anyone for a doc notes but i think hes giving me trouble cuz he found out i applied for a position at one of ojr stores that is opening but im a singlle mom and i only work maybe 18 -22 hrs a week i need a full time position and he doesnt seem to understand that i really hope you can help me thank you!!

  6. Ulises Mascorro

    I need a doctors appointment slip with today’s date 06/28/15 with my grandmas name Hermelinda Aguilar

  7. Adriana Alexander

    I need a doctors note really bad. I work at McDonalds and I have kidney stones, my doctor said that wasn’t a legitimate excuse to write one.. I am about to lose my job because I called in when they were short people unless I can come up with a doctors note as soon as possible.

  8. Braulio

    Need a doctors note saying I can go back to work and I saw him on 6/29/15 and that I can go back to work today 6/30/15 thanks

  9. Mark

    I need a dr. Note that I can return to work on July 15th 2015 and that I visited the doctor today July 14 2015

  10. marcela

    i need a note that i have minor rheumatic injury that affects my mobility due to stiffness and joint pain

  11. crystal guzman

    Came in on 7/31/2015 for stomach pain. She had a stomach virus. Needs plenty of fluids and rest. Can return to work on 8/2/2015

  12. Karla osorio

    I need a doctors note my boss is asking for one since I called out and she wants to make sure that I’m able to go back to work 8/3 please if not I will lose my job.

  13. Natasha

    I need a doctors appointment for 08/07/2015 stating that I was out due to dizziness and vomiting and can return back to work. Need it ASAP

  14. Tyler Kauffman

    I need a doctors note for leaving work at 11:00am today 8/10/15 I wasn’t feeling good my stomach was really bad it made me weak in my arms just wanted to come home and rest

    1. Jocelyn Moreira

      I need a note for work on 8/9/15 saying that my kids were sick because the had fever and they been vomiting

  15. Juan Ramos

    Juan Ramos had a strep throat on August 8th. Blue Island Health Center. 13500 Maple ave Blue Island,IL 60406

  16. Christina

    Christina Thompson has a clavicle fracture in her right shoulder and is able to work using her left arm and not her right arm

  17. mia

    I need a note…I requested to be off today..I’m not feeling good but I told my office is was at the doctor but I wasn’t then my boss want doctor note. Today is the 17th of august. Thanks

  18. Coraea santos

    Need a doctors note to be excused from work August 14th & August 17th for food poisoning. Vomiting & diariahha. Patient first clinic colonial heights va

  19. trae

    I need a Dr note for 09/02/15. I can return 09/03/15. I was seen for a swollen eye and puss coming. I was debris caught in my eye

  20. Libin Sun

    my name is Libin Sun
    Location is in Mt Eden Auckland New Zealand
    reason is have a cold
    date is 25/08/2015 ,26/08/2015,27/08/2015 28/08/2015 and 31/08/2015
    please be fast

  21. Brooke Fieldman

    Location: Newton-Wellesley Hospital, in Newton, MA
    States that I visited hospital on 09/15/2015 for evaluation and treatment of Staphylococcus bacteria. Prescribed Vancomycin, but that even during treatment the symptoms might continue to occur for 3-4 weeks.

  22. Venekia Hinton

    Need a doctors note for school/work. saying i have been out since 10/03 and will return on 11/18 from under doctors care.

  23. Francine sewell

    12/7/15 at 12 pm Denver foot and ankle clinic, 401 W Hampden Place #260, Englewood, CO 80110, 3037615454

  24. Ajaypal

    I missed my final exam and i need a doctors note dated 11 december 2015 telling that i had an appointment for my neck injury. So that i can write my exam afterwards.

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  26. Marcel Oliver

    Tonsils removed miss practice 1 week 1/2 when return start back slowly no heavy running no dust or dirt is allowed to touch the throat no dairy products only water ice for week


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