What to Look for When Looking for a Fake Physician’s Note Template

A doctors note template.
A dr note template.

There are many reasons you might need a physician’s note template, but most center on one basic premise. Something is going on in your life, and you’re just plain too tired to deal with another day at work or at school. Perhaps there is a deadline coming up and you need one extra day to focus on it. Whatever your reason, you’ve decided that an excuse note will get you the break that you need.

Some Elements of a Good Doctors Note Template


  • Stationery: Physician’s notes are often printed on the office’s official letterhead. To properly fake a dr. note, it is therefore a must to use the letterhead of a doctors office (here is an example). This prevents the note’s authenticity from being called into question.
  • Signature: Medical notes must be signed by the dr. writing them in order to be considered authentic. An electronic copy of the signature is commonly used on physician’s notes these days in order to save time otherwise spent physically signing each note.
  • Accommodation: A dr note is always a means of asking a business or other official entity to grant a request, and this request is often called a medical accommodation. This accommodation request needs to be specific with regards to what is being requested, to why it is medically necessary, and to how long the term of the request is. For example, the simplest physician’s note is a request to accommodate a short-term absence on account of sickness. This form of medical note is often informally called a doctors excuse.
  • Informative: Fake dr notes are most often noticed because they either lack detail that would be professionally disclosed, or they have more detail than would be professionally disclosed. Striking a balance of detail that suits a physician’s profession is one of the most difficult parts of constructing a medical note. Reviewing a wide variety of physician’s notes is the only way to ensure that this balance is being properly struck. High-quality templates are especially helpful in streamlining this part of creating a dr note template.


Beware of Free Templates

There are many potential problems with “free” physician’s note templates that promise to provide convincing excuses on account of sickness. However, many of these templates are not well researched and might contain or omit key details that would alert others to their phoniness. Free templates may also come with other strings attached. For example, such templates might require a certain plugin in order to view. This plugin may be designed to flood your computer with pop-up advertising or even viruses. (This is often called malware)

This problem is widespread; therefore, it is important to read terms of service contracts carefully when downloading free templates for fake medical notes (Read this article). Paid websites consistently provide higher-quality templates and tend to have a simpler delivery mechanism. This means less to worry about in faking the note.

If you’re looking for a great medical note template, I recommend bestfakedoctorsnotes.net.