Why Most Free Fake Dr Forms Fail

Ferris-Bueller-posterLet’s face it. There are going to be days where you just don’t want to go to work or school. Perhaps you know that with the way you are feeling, you would do more harm than good to anyone if you were there, or perhaps things simply conspired to make it impossible for you to attend. The truth of the matter is that absolutely no one is up to going to school or to work all the time, and that is where a free fake physician’s note comes in.  You might want to read this page on using a dr. note wisely.

It seems so easy at first. Get the note, offer it to the institution that you are working with and get off scott-free. At least, that’s the way it should work. In an ideal world, we could be honest about why we didn’t show up, but even in an ideal world, getting caught in a lie is just bad news. If you are worried about account for an absence, no matter how warranted, you need to know why most fake notes from a “doctor” fail.

Lack of Legitimate Letterhead
If you are someone who is never sick, this may not cross your mind. When a medical professional writes a note for a patient, especially when it is for something like an illness or an accident, he or she will not simply dash it off on a piece of paper. This is something that is a professional responsibility, and that means that they are going to use a professional format. All physicians have their own letterhead. This is special stationery that comes from their office, and it often has their name on it. If you are looking at a free fake dr. note, you will see that in most cases, the letterhead just does not look that convincing!  (After all when was the last time something you got for free was worthwhile? Nothing in life is truly free. Remember this saying?)


Lack of Official Medical Language
For the most part, unless the doctor is treating you for something of a personal nature, he or she will mention the issue at hand. They will use medical jargon that means nothing to you, but will likely be quite familiar to your teacher or your employer. They are diligent about providing instructions for you, and they will also state why you needed to be absent. Once again, unless there is a reason for them not to be, these notes are fairly exhaustive. If your note comes across as too plain, the teacher or employer that you are working with is going to be too suspicious. Too many people who try to pass off fake notes are going to discover that medical professoinals don’t write notes like parents do! Remember that a dr is a medical professional and will write like one.

Lack of Real Copy
A real dr. note is a thing that you should have in your hand. It was written by a real person, on real stationery as you stood in their office. The problem with so many free notes is that it is altogether too clear that the note was simply written and printed on a home printer. The problem is that the quality of these notes is simply too low. If you have good files to work with, you will discover that this authenticity problem goes away. Suddenly you have a professional product that will fool even a careful observer. Check out our doctor’s note template page.

Lack of Variety
The problem with so many free notes is the fact that they are quite generic. It’s like at some point, someone decided to figure out what the most general physician’s note looks like, and then they offered it to the Internet. In a day and age when this trick is common, you need to go beyond the generic and to look for a note that offers variety. You need to make sure that the note that you are using is specific to your needs and that it creates an instant air of trustworthiness. Some men have gotten busted when they brought in notes for ovarian cysts, so don’t let this happen to you! If your dr. note is too generic and has been used a hundred times before, you will find that you are going to be hot water!

Lack of Faith
If you don’t believe in your note, no one else will. Confidence is what it takes to sell something like this, and if you are going in with a note that you downloaded for free off the Internet, they are going to know that something is going on right away. You need a high-quality product that you know will stand up to close scrutiny.

If you need the day off, don’t leave your fate in the hands of a generic physician’s note that you got for free. Instead, purchase a high-quality dr note that you know will pass with flying colors. This is something that can make an enormous difference to your professional future, so don’t mess it up!