Make Sure Your Artificial Medical Form Looks Real!

So are you really getting paid enough to sit at work day in, day out, whether you are feeling up to it or not? The truth is that for most of us, the odd day off will make us better workers and it will improve our job performance over all. The issue, of course, is that the boss doesn’t see it that way!

When you need a day off and you need to avoid the hassle of dealing with length human resource questions, there is no doubt that you need a fake dr note. A physician’s note gets you past without an issue, but you probably don’t have the time or the inclination to go to a real doctor.

How can you make sure that your fake dr note looks like the real thing? How can you prevent yourself from getting caught passing a fake? Just look at the tips below to ensure you are on the right path.

Be Specific

A real physician’s note doesn’t read like the note that your mom or dad wrote you for missing school. A parent’s note might get to be vague about why you weren’t in math class, but when you are working with professionals, you need to be specific. Make sure that the note mentions a certain illness or ailment, and that it also mentions a treatment option.

A real dr. note might not only excuse you from work for a day or two. It might also have recommendations about what you are allowed to do for another day, whether it puts a limit on your activity or what you are capable of lifting.

Also remember that a medical note might reassure your boss that you are ready to be back to work on the day you return, and that you are no longer contagious or a danger to yourself. It’s details like this that sell it.


Real Stationery

Something like this just wouldn’t fly.

When someone tries to write themselves a fake dr. note, they often grab the first piece of paper that comes to hand. If you think about this for a moment, however, you will quickly realize why this is such a poor idea! The problem is that every doctor’s office has its own stationery and its own letterhead.

A dr. note might be typed on a piece of paper or it might be dashed off by hand, but the doctor’s name and place of practice will be listed on this piece of paper. Different doctors have different preferences, but none of them will be dashing off a note on a piece of notebook paper or a sheet of printer paper!

Do not let yourself get caught trying to pass a dr. note written on something blank and suspicious. That is how people lose jobs.

Local Doctor

One of the issues with finding a free template for a dr. note online is that no one is going to believe you if the physician from another state! This seems like a simple error, but it is one that affects many people. Make sure that the “doctor” on your listing is local, even if they do not really exist.

You may even put their place of work as a local hospital, but it is often a better idea to suggest that your doctor has a private practice. That way, the information is a little harder to verify, and most human resources departments don’t care enough to hunt down the appropriate information.

High Quality Printing
Remember that doctor’s offices have good office equipment. Make sure that the note that you print out comes from a high-quality scan. This makes it much easier for your home printer to spit out a good copy of a doctor’s note. Some are detailed enough that it looks like someone actually wrote it out for you.

Don’t Say Too Much

When you are passing off your physician’s note, remember that you don’t have to offer up any information. In fact, the more information you offer up, the more likely it is that you are going to get yourself into trouble. Too much information can cause you to trip over your own words, and the more you talk, the more nervous you sound. This is something that can tip your HR representative off to your scheme. You might also want a doctor’s form here.

Consider a Professional Note

If you are planning to pass a fake dr. note, be willing to put some time and some effort into it. This is something that may have your job riding on it, and it never hurts to be too careful. Pay for a dr note that is high in quality and tailored to your needs. This can really make your excuse stick. Also check out our article on templates.

When you need a day off, consider getting a physician’s note that backs you up. None of us are getting the sleep or the rest we need, and that is why we sometimes need to take measures into our own hands.