Things To Know Before Using A Fake Doctors Excuse

An example of a doctors excuse.
An example of a doctors excuse.

A fake physician’s excuse could be imperative if you are unable to obtain a real slip from a dr. Reasons for not being able to procure a medical excuse may vary. Perhaps you don’t have a regular doctor or maybe you don’t really have a condition that warrants an excuse. Why be penalized or even terminated for not showing up with a needed doctors excuse when they are so easily obtainable online?  If you do a search of the Internet you will find many sites that sell or allow you to download fake doctors excuses. If you want a doctor’s note that works, you might like this site.

However, do your homework as there are sites that provide forms that could do more harm than good. A good provider will offer customer support and assistance. Some companies even offer a money back guarantee which they wouldn’t do if they thought their forms would fail the test.Below are a few tips you should be aware of in order to safely use a fake online dr. excuse. It wouldn’t do to go through all the trouble just to have it backfire on you.
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Be Sure Your Doctors Excuses Look Authentic
• The language must relate to that used by professionals in the medical industry.
• The format should match common forms used by physicians. Make sure graphics and logos look authentic.
• A doctors name, address, phone number and affiliated medical facility should be provided on the  note.
• Print quality should match that of real form used by a physician.
Carefully Plan for Your Symptoms
•Make sure your symptoms are something that can be authenticated. Don’t claim a broken leg on your dr. excuse, and then two days later come waltzing into work or school.
• If you claim a broken limb, research how long it takes to heal and what limitations are expected throughout.
• Other types of excuses might include surgery, however, as noted above plan wisely and do your research.


• If you are claiming something like the flu or a dental emergency be sure to check what the symptoms of the disease are and the expected length of illness.

• Be sure your claim is believable and don’t go overboard. Also, research limitations when returning to work. These might include weight limits on lifting, standing or total hours worked each day.

Things to Think About and Avoid

• Avoid using a form with a pre-printed signature or photo shopped signature as it will simply look like a fake. Doctors are required to sign and date each of the doctors excuses.

• Be sure the print is crisp and clean as poor print copy is a dead giveaway for a fake.

• Some printable online forms state they are a novelty. Even if they don’t state the fact, search the web as some companies will come up as novelty vendors and if you can find it, your employer or school can too.

• Be sure to look your dr note template over well before printing and turning in to make sure there is no watermark or other discerning feature that would mark it as a fake.

• Make sure the address correlates to your area. If a form comes pre-printed with a specific state make sure you can change it before using.

• Last but not least, check, check and double check your form for accuracy before printing and turning it in.

In conclusion, if the need arises for fake physicians excuses for work, school or travel… you know know that they are easily obtainable online. Less hassle and easy accessibility make this a great option for many people. However, be sure not to abuse your fake forms as that could blow up in your face. When used judiciously, medical excuses can be a great benefit to provide the little break that may be needed now and then.

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